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36 Responses

  1. Andrew Cooke says:

    Totally agree, also basic parenting skills!

  2. Luka Dani says:

    I’m a teaching assistant in a SEN school, and we teach all of these things! 😁

  3. John Sparks says:

    Critical thinking.

  4. Kat Ka says:

    Parents also need to take responsibility. There is soooo much to learn about the world we can’t expect schools to do it all 😉

  5. Michela Carmazzi says:

    What about be vegan?

  6. Adele Stuckey says:

    Don’t forget meditation and yoga! 🧘🏼‍♀️

  7. Claire MacGillivray says:

    My word folks, step up and learn this as a parent to pass onto your kids. I would rather the schools teach my children about the things that I can not like coding, history, mathematics, and grammar.

  8. Rina Nèé Arama says:

    Sign language 🤟

  9. Adam Dickinson says:

    Liam Dickinson

  10. Daniel Carey says:

    How to determine fact from fiction on the internet.

  11. Arslan Saitow says:

    That would be wonderful, not in this life though, government does not need, educated and self sufficient youngsters..

  12. Kathy Le Neve Painter says:

    Nah its all good we now home ed and do all this and more

  13. Janet Hartley says:

    I think these are things parents/grandparents/guardians should be teaching children. School have their work cut out just covering the english, maths and science bases.

  14. Kirk Fisher says:

    Or parents if schools aren’t fast to implement such a holistic curriculum

  15. Diana Vedor says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll live to see this reality

  16. Amanda Hunter says:

    Swimming, how to build relationships, how to deal with an emergency, how to care about other people and animals – parents and schools should teach all of these.

  17. Corazon Renata says:

    Waste management? When it’s being shipped out of Britain? No. Replace with: Consulting a barrister when you have been arrested for simply being in the way of massive corporate profits at a protest.

  18. Natasha Samantha says:

    I think its up to whole communites, parents and schools. Schools cant accept responsibility for everything and have enough going on supporting children’s emotional and physical wellbeing, learning, safeguarding etc.. this would be lovely but needs everyone to do their bit.

  19. Kyle Davies says:

    Are schools even teaching maths English science geography these days thought most want to teach sex Ed what gender you should be and everything in-between

  20. Pate Trish Andreucci says:

    Tax return and mortgaging

  21. Yolita Dimitrova says:

    I am sure in most primarily schools they’ve cover this! They do in my daughter’s school. They’ve got forest school every Tue and Fri.

  22. Diana Vedor says:

    Makes sense totally agree… 😍

  23. Tabatha Etoile says:

    Gratitude & mindfulness too

  24. Shawn McGee says:

    Education is just one of the many forms of indoctrination we are subjected to in society, just like bipartisan politics. It’s based off of the Prussian trivium. Public education teaches the 3rd teir of the system which is intended to indicate you to servitude, to make you a good and complient worker. It’s not ment to teach you to be a critical thinker or to develop practical skills.

  25. Helen Elder says:

    I feel like this is a parent list first and school after x

  26. Leon Hall says:

    That’s never gonna happen in a capitalist society because the system would collapse. Can’t have people happy and spending less can we?

  27. Eniale Cotterell says:


  28. Nikki Marie Utrera says:

    Banking and credit. Budgeting

  29. Emily Lewis-Brown says:

    All but medical herbs, foraging and mushrooms in my view until much older and still then, only with expert input each time. Mine is 18 and I still discourage these even though she has had some training. A little knowledge can lead to confidence being greater than competence which is dangerous.

  30. Stephen Hembery says:

    I’m 48 (I think 🤣) and I learnt much of this at school all that time ago 😊

  31. Miia Maaret says:

    Allergy awareness!

  32. Hanifa SB says:

    All this used to be taught at home by wider families and neighbours. Nowadays, we stoped having that precious learning chanels…

  33. Melba Smith says:

    Foraging? How productive of school time is that? Even worse is mushroom identification. Alot of kids live in apartments and don’t see mushrooms growing. Many people don’t like mushrooms. How about gardening? More importantly, banking, mortgages, investing, career building. building.

  34. Lee Norac says:

    There’ll be no need for consumerism if that happened. Realise your reason in the matrix is to work 9-5, buy and then die.

  35. Laura Henderson says:

    All of the above, for both boys and girls

  36. Liam Carden says:

    If you know people who teach foraging, plant ID, food preservation and growth; drop links 👇

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