Brands and bands sometimes make uneasy bedfellows – but there is one trademark that screams ‘rawk’n’roll’ like no other…and that’s Jack Daniels.

The Jack Rocks stage has been a regular fixture at festivals for the last few years. And it’s been the place to make a b-line for if you want to crank up the excitement levels a notch or two.

This year the team have hooked up with increasingly legendary live promoters, This Feeling, to take seven hand-picked bands on a tour of their stages at The Great Escape, TRNSMT, The Isle of Wight, and Reading & Leeds.

We were lucky enough to see all seven play a packed industry showcase in the cellar of an East London pub as they launched their Tennessee Whiskey-fuelled UK excursion. And we can vouch for the fact that every act rightly deserves its place on the bill.

So, because you may well have never have heard of many of these acts (which is sort of the point of the exercise) we thought we’d put seven questions to each of them so you kind get an idea of what makes them tick.

Here it’s the turn of White Room to go under the spotlight…if you want a taster why not check out ‘Stole the IV’… released today…

  1. Use seven words to describe each member of the band

Tristan: The seriously painfully outrageously pointless question master.

Jacob: Leggy leggy leggy leggy blondie blonde.

Jake: Master of karate and friendship for everyone.

Josie: The dormouse of all our dreams.

Hen: Drummer boy with the stick to prove it.

2.Describe the band as a whole and your music in seven words

A wriggly worm sliding through your eardrums.

3.You have a half-hour festival slot to play. Which seven songs would you choose to perform and in what order….six of your own and one cover version?

Well we’re actually in the studio a lot now working towards our next releases so a lot of the songs we’d be playing aren’t actually out there to listen to yet. BUT, here’s a list of tunes that have been released that may pop up in our live sets.

  • Think Too Much
  • Back Again
  • Stole The I.V.
  • You’ll See
  • Freaking On
  • In My Head
  • Cover…Somebody – Dream Wife

  1. Which seven bands or artists have been your biggest influences? Of these which is your biggest hero and why?

I’d say between us some of our biggest influences would be; Talking Heads, The Verve, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Beatles, Cage The Elephant, Flaming Lips and Brian Wilson. We’ve also recently started getting into Frank Zappa and Yes.

Thats a seriously hard list to choose from, but if we’re talking current then I’d have to say Wayne Coyne – lyrics, music, creation. Everything. He is a true artist and modern pioneer.

  1. What are your seven steps to success as a band?
  • Make sure you’re with people you love and who’ll push you to new levels.
  • Write loads of songs. Then write more.
  • Practice as often as you possibly can. Then practice more.
  • Find the things that separate you from other bands, and build on them.
  • Go and watch as much live music as possible from all levels and genres.
  • Believe in yourselves. If you don’t think you’re any good why should anyone else.
  • Complacency is a sin.
  1. Can you each share the seventh-to-last photo you have taken on your phone and say a few words about it?

Jake: My dog Floyd dressed up as, well, Pink Floyd.

Tristan: Up in Newcastle with our friend Angie’s two lil pooches.

Jacob: “Ringo Starnold Zwarzengger”

Hen: I am the egg man.

Josie: Cute lil babby Hen-Hen with a mullet.

  1. Seven is meant to be a lucky number…what do each member of the band use as a lucky charm?

Well, T’s lucky number is seven and he’s also rather charming so T is our lucky charm. The Cupid Stunt. But our lucky number these days is 8.

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3 days ago

White Room

Listen to ‘Circles’ the last track of ‘Eight’ on Spotify now 🎅🎅🎅We we’re going to post a photo of us circling in the snow but it seems Brighton is the only place in this United Kingdom that hasn’t been blessed with the lords dandruff ❄️❄️❄️
Enjoy ⛄️:
📷 Iona Dee
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Listen to ‘Circles’ the last track of ‘Eight’ on Spotify now 🎅🎅🎅We we’re going to post a photo of us circling in the snow but it seems Brighton is the only place in this United Kingdom that hasn’t been blessed with the lords dandruff ❄️❄️❄️
Enjoy ⛄️:
📷 Iona Dee

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White Room

Whose bought their copy of Eight??🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️If you haven’t yet 😳😳😳 then get yours through Rough Trade Records:

Enjoy a snippet of ‘Twisted Celebration’ below and if those lucious 12” vibrations just aren’t enough for ya then listen here:
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Aaron Brooke give these a listen it’s who dad went to see x


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