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Latest update from In Cider Festival

*** NEWSFLASH! ***

We have spent the last few weeks working hard on our Covid protocols for In Cider Festival 2022, which we were set to announce this week.

This afternoon the government announced major changes to the current rules for events, which we will now digest and alter our strategy accordingly.

Our bottom line remains the same however, to ensure a dynamic and fun event without compromising people’s happiness or safety. The Fuelled By Cider community is renowned for being inclusive, caring and responsible and our events will always strive to reflect that.

We are so excited that In Cider is going ahead this year and we know it’s going to be a hugely memorable occasion for everyone who attends 🙂

More news on this in the next 48 hours. In the meantime, don’t miss the fancy dress theme announcement this evening!!

Day and Weekend tickets (with and without accommodation) for In Cider Festival are still available from http://www.inciderfestival.com

In Cider Festival


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  1. Jon Heron says:

    How have I never noticed that little badger before 😆

  2. Tracey Allen says:

    The entertainment that is our government, eh…. You know if you make the theme clowns you’ll have 500 Boris Johnsons, don’t you? Please don’t do that to me 🤣

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