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Hastings Reggae Festival news: Nothing but good people listening to good music…

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Nothing but good people listening to good music...

Latest update from Hastings Reggae Festival

Nothing but good people listening to good music ❤️
Who’s joining us once again for Hastings Reggae Festival on 29th July! Get your booking fee FREE tickets HERE – https://bit.ly/HRF2023

Hastings Reggae Festival



16 Responses

  1. I bet this will be absolutely amazing 😍💯❤️😘

  2. Kindly invite our band to your upcoming event

  3. El Barrett says:

    What’s the line up as Iv got tickets but u keep cancelling the event ?

  4. Ed Hen says:

    And maybe a 3 hour wait for food.

  5. Kelly Okeefe says:

    This event has been cancelled twice already can I have my money back please ?

  6. Sammy Biddle says:

    You may aswell give the tickets away, as I doubt anyone’s going to buy them with your reputation 😂

  7. Karl Hewlett says:

    Worst event I have ever been to.

  8. Love Reggae festival! See you in July 🇯🇲 ✌🏻

  9. Laura Davis says:

    Bobbie Jade Kane Tugby I was about to suggest this… Until I read the comments 😂🙈 think we’ll give this one a miss.

  10. Dan Brooks says:

    Don’t waste your money go Milton Keynes reggae land least it goes ahead and has better acts

  11. Mel Kennett says:

    Don’t waste your money on this event x

  12. Probably get cancelled again and your lose your booking fees

  13. Can you please confirm the acts performing at this event. Your link states UB40/UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro, which one is it? I doubt very much that you have both acts booked at the same event!? (plus sadly Astro has passed away). Is this false advertising?

  14. Cathy Day says:

    Susan Priscilla French can’t wait for this year of festivals to commence 😎🥳🔥🫶🏼❤️🎉

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