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Glastonbury Festival news: We’re pleased to reveal the 2022 line-up for the solar-powered Croissant Neuf st…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

We’re pleased to reveal the 2022 line-up for the solar-powered Croissant Neuf stage, once again bringing great live music to the Green Fields!

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24 Responses

  1. Mozwyn Morris says:

    Biggles Wartime Band RIP 😔

  2. Dom Buchan says:

    I haven’t heard of any of them…I bet they’re all amazing! I’ve discovered some incredible gems by tuning my ears in as I wander pass this tent of wonders.

  3. Katherine Hewitt says:

    So sad to be missing out this year 🙁. Have a wonderful time to everyone lucky enough

  4. Mike Daniells says:

    Nicola Smith let Rosie know about the acoustic open mic slots…..not sure of any times but might be worth checking it out 🙂

  5. Jenni Jane says:

    Michael Ebbutt – I think some time with Seth might be lovely 😊

  6. Tim Gold says:

    Definitely add Little Quirks 👌. Superb

  7. Leigh Robert Monaghan says:

    Mik Artistik is a funny man and a busy man 😁

  8. Kimberly Cockburn says:

    Craig Llewellyn The longest johns!

  9. Andy Twyman says:

    I can’t wait to be playing for the first time at Croissant Neuf with Rosco Shakes. It’s always been one of my favourite stages

  10. Billy Gee says:

    Acoustic open mic – pack the guitar 🎸 Martha 😆

  11. Darren Smith says:

    You got to go see Penelope Isles guys they are so good live!

  12. Gareth Teasdale Muso says:

    Dont miss the plastic mermaids friends, there is a good chance my niece Rhian would be on stage with them. John Dickon Taylor you will need to get there and register unoriginal smirkins for the acoustic open mike. as soon as you on site. have a great festi.

  13. Josh Finesilver says:

    Oli Austin !!!❤️

  14. Bethany Heath says:

    Katy j Pearson!!! 🤩 Joey Hayward

  15. Owen Watts says:

    Don’t miss Run Logan Run!!

  16. Scott SonofRob says:

    Plastic Mermaids😄 Awesome

  17. Sabrina Joshua says:

    Seth Lakeman woohoo 🥳 so great to hear you’ll be performing ✨😍🌻

  18. Tony Fowler says:

    Oh how I wish I could attend

  19. Katie Peagram says:

    Ciaran Peagram cut capers are there Joe will be happy

  20. Beth Walsh says:

    Acoustic open mic Elaine O’Connor ? Shall we work on a track?

  21. Jules Wells says:

    The beauty of this stage this year for me, is going in not knowing anyone. It’s super refreshing to ditch what you know and be open to all the new things and wherever that takes you. Bring it on.

  22. Lucy Lou says:

    Plastic Mermaids are brilliant

  23. Nick Clark says:

    I’m very depressed not to be attending this year. My summer is pretty much ruined. I have one highlight to look forward to, but it won’t be as epic as Glastonbury. I don’t like Liam Gallagher that much, but when he said of Glastonbury festival ‘it is biblical’, I had to agree with his point.

  24. Claire Watts says:

    The Trouble Notes are brilliant worth a watch. The sounds Bennet creates on his violin are incredible.

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