Glastonbury Festival news: We’re excited to announce the Glastonbury 2022 Acoustic Stage line-up, the Festi…

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Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

We’re excited to announce the Glastonbury 2022 Acoustic Stage line-up, the Festival’s home to blues, folk, contemporary and country music!

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  1. Lorraine Needham-Reid says:

    so excited now

  2. Solance Poole says:

    Michelle Waite I think some of your favs are on here!! xx

  3. Anto Mullen says:

    Our paul and jaqui

  4. Rhiannon Wardle says:

    Jenna Wardle Fisherman’s friends 😘

  5. Amy Hasler says:

    That is NOT fair. PSB vs Suzanne Vega…really?? Also what IS going on with your fonts this year!

  6. Hele Jenkins says:

    This is the best stage so far, can’t wait now so excited 😆

  7. Ian Shields says:

    Heaton and abbott acoustic 👌

  8. Jacqui Burke says:

    Hothouse Flowers, tick. Waterboys, tick. Brian Kennedy, tick. That’s me sorted.

  9. Kir Dawson says:

    Mike Dawson Waterboys and bootleg beatles please x

  10. Kelly Knox says:

    Becky Davies Waterboys Saturday Mark Simpson Paul Heaton Friday xx

  11. Kate Newton says:

    Kathleen Dodd more of your faves on the Friday!

  12. Vicky May says:

    Jake Arlow Saturday scouting for girls

  13. Sile Mac says:

    I know where I will be spending a lot of time this year, great line up ❤️

  14. Alec Francis says:

    Suzanne Vega , deserves to headline the acoustic stage but I wish she’d got a slot after Diana Ross or just before on pyramid

  15. Ger Harte says:

    I would stay at that stage for the whole weekend

  16. Jordan Sheasby says:

    Josh Sheasby Mark Feltham Marc Deveson Undertones and fisherman’s friends!

  17. Dave Connolly says:

    Better than the main stage.

  18. Chris Freear says:

    Toby n George definitely some of this 😊

  19. Nancy Howell says:


  20. Nick Kitch says:

    The legend that is Paul Heaton.. Erica

  21. Andy Collis says:

    Mike Martin what a great line up.

  22. Jo Whitaker says:

    Regan Oswald Cross waterboys …. If you get tickets! Take me!!! Please 😂👍

  23. Hannah Cobb says:

    Amy Cobb scouting for girls hehehe, what a blast from the past!!

  24. Martin Evans says:

    Excellent look Wendy Beasley it’s 1993 again 😁

  25. Katy Gomersall says:

    Tracey Wake I was hoping the Shires would be on 🥳

  26. Paula King says:

    Best stage! The Undertones!! 🤩

  27. Geoffrey Mark Jones says:

    Always end up here, & the nearby bar, to watch some good acts. 👍🏻

  28. Lyndon Easterbrook says:

    ThinkI might spend the whole festival drinking real ale at Acoustic! 🙂

  29. Neil Tremblah says:

    Suzanne vega, wow! Headlined pyramid stage my 1st year (’89) wearing a bullet proof jacket due to assassination threat!!!!

  30. Siobhan Blackmore says:

    Oliver Blackmore Fridays headliner with the kids…?! 😍

  31. Earl Reinhalter says:

    Best line-up yet. Too bad this stage is never streamed by BBC.

  32. Tim Price says:

    I see myself spending a lot of time between here and the Avalon stage
    Hope the dessert tent is still next to the Acoustic they do a great Chocolate sponge and Custard! 🍮

  33. Mark Greenslade says:

    That’s way better than the pyramid stage! Lee Johnson

  34. Tracie Hollingworth says:

    Ooh, I’m liking the look of this. Just up the hill from T&C so not far to wander. Lovely.

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