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Glastonbury Festival news: The incredible Shangri-La is back for Glastonbury 2022!…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

The incredible Shangri-La is back for Glastonbury 2022!

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22 Responses

  1. Alice Atkinson says:

    Jamie Campbell fumez the engineer🙃

  2. Oh My God! It's The Church says:


  3. Joe Simms says:

    Grant Bowers r Craig just after r Andy. Love it

  4. Rebecca Jones says:

    Best place ever!

  5. Zak 'Zakky' Stocker says:

    Cracking lineup here, can’t wait!

  6. SHOSH says:


  7. Jamie Davies says:

    Danny Cowan Jamie Jones

  8. George Harris says:

    Tara Saunders You were right this is massive!

  9. Katherine Foster says:

    Hannah Stuckey shosh presents 24hr garage girls!!!

  10. Martyn Wingrove says:

    Brass Against the Machine, Bob Vylan, Pigs x7, – GAME ON

  11. Ross Chadwick says:

    It feels odd. I can actually read this poster

  12. Dale Hewings says:

    Best place on the planet

  13. Kaptin Barrett says:

    Mega 💥💥💥

  14. Caroline Lewis says:

    Beans on toast !! I’m so happy they asked him !!

  15. Conrad Butt says:

    Last time I saw Oh my God! It’s the Church was at Shangri-Hell and it was awesome. Also Brass against and Beans on Toast. It’s gonna be great 👍

  16. Billy Gee says:

    Beans on Toast for you Martha Greer – Kae Tempest for Mar Gie and a bit of Warmduscher for me ✌️

  17. Daz T Woolley says:

    Love this little corner of Glastonbury. This and LOST VEGAS are visually brilliant 🤩

  18. David Craze says:

    I like Old School and New Happy House but I’m not very up on DJs can anyone tell me if there is anyone in this line up that will deliver that for me ??

  19. Vincent Egan says:

    Only act I’d want to see would be Pigs x7, but I’m sure I’d enjoy a lot more, given the right inputs.

  20. Neil Bennett says:

    Bob Vylan… Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, that’ll do! 😜

  21. Sharan Kaur says:

    My favourite place 🤩 Andy Webster

  22. Roxy Bañanas says:

    Mega 💓

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