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Glastonbury Festival news: RIP Charlie. One of the all time greats. It took a lot of work to get the Stones…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

RIP Charlie. One of the all time greats. It took a lot of work to get the Stones to Glastonbury, and apparently Charlie wasn’t keen on playing festivals. In the end they agreed and we got them here in 2013. After the gig, which was momentous, he wrote this message for us, which we have up at home. What an honour it was to have him play here.


Glastonbury Festivals


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40 Responses

  1. Richard Parker says:

    And what a great night it was. Rest in peace Charlie.

  2. Vashti Zarach says:

    I was just looking at my pics, we were there for the start of the set. RIP.

  3. Graham Avery says:

    Woo, Woo……..and so it went on long after they had finished their set.

  4. Lindsay Evans says:

    Could we have a little vigal for Charlie this Saturday @ WF please Emily? ⛰❤

  5. Steven Higgins says:

    Was an absolute moment in time that gig. So thankful I was there to see it. RIP Charlie.

  6. Mark Hulston says:

    Absolutely amazing night….with Charlie as the backbeat. 🤘

  7. Gavin Daniels says:

    So so sad, one of my favourite Glastonbury moments hands down ❤️

  8. Jonathan Davies says:

    One of my best ever Glastonbury nights. Thank you Charlie.

  9. Steve Williams says:

    Bet your all gutted especially Michael, he wouldn’t commit to them being his favourites but he had a ‘soft spot’ for them.. All the best Charlie from South Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  10. Debbie Lord says:

    One of my most memorable Glastonbury sets. ❤️

  11. Matthew Mcfarlane says:

    What a performance it was!

  12. Danny Kingsberry says:

    That my mums first Glastonbury Festivals she agreed to go because the stones were rumoured.. she went to the stage about 6 hrs early to get a spot she could see from as she isn’t very tall.. they played jumping jack flash.. she cried with joy.. it was actually magical. Thankyou.

  13. Diane Heath says:

    I feel privileged to have seen them at Glastonbury, does it get any better! RIP and thank you Charlie.

  14. Charlotte Cuschieri says:

    I was there! amazing night! rest in peace!

  15. Mark Murphy says:

    He gave you a cardboard cut-out? Pleased to have seen them in 2013. Definitely an experience to remember forever.

  16. Daz Staff says:

    I was there and I made sure I took the whole set in, every second because it was a special life moment. Thanks Charlie

  17. Martin Evans says:

    35 years worth of Glastonbury and with out doubt this one was my favourite night down on the farm. Chin Chin Charlie you were class Sir 🍷🍷

  18. Nicky Deakin says:

    It was after seeing their performance at Glastonbury that me and my husband got tickets for their Hyde Park show. So glad we did. They were amazing! RIP.x

  19. Sean Busby says:

    We were going to watch them, but went for the Village Disco instead. Jim Lockyer was there.

  20. Karen Gough says:

    I’ll always remember that night I watched it at home with my dying husband , my son and his girlfriend were there and rang us and held the phone up. A few days later my husband passed away. A great memory 😢

  21. Francesco Cianchi says:

    I was there, one of the best concert I ve seen… amazing Stone and wonderfull Glastonbury Festival. RIP Charlie

  22. Maurice Argouarch says:

    One of the best nights I’ve had at Glastonbury.

  23. Owen Kenny says:

    One of my favourite ever Glastonbury performances. It was brilliant.

  24. Chris Teal says:

    Fell in love at met my wife at Glastonbury 2013 & this set cemented the fact I’d met the love of my life there in that moment! Thanks Charlie 🙏

  25. Pat Osment says:

    I was lucky enough to be there with my twin sister,two sons,my nephew and friend,my niece and partner and my daughter in law.It was brilliant,such a wonderful memory.

  26. Darren Silsbury says:

    Not being funny but WTF is that picture? RIP Charlie

  27. Sharon Jordan says:

    I found a spot to view and stood/sat for 9 hours… the Stones were absolutely worth it, they rocked Glasto, after the set I remember all you could hear across the whole site for hours was crowds of people chanting “Woo Woo, Woo Woo” (sympathy for the Devil) RIP Charlie X

  28. Fiona Ramage says:

    I was one of the fortunate ones that was there on that momentous night…best gig ever. RIP .

  29. Sarah Kirkman says:

    RIP Charlie. I’d always wanted to see The Stones at Glasto and this truly lived up to expectations, one of my favourite ever Glasto performances.

  30. Lorraine Simper says:

    Will always remember that night. It was absolutely amazing and a memory I will never ever forget. ❤️

  31. Emma Louise Riley says:

    I’m so lucky to have been there and experienced them in all their greatness. Sleep well sir and thank you x

  32. Stuart Provan says:

    It was like being in a dream watching that show. Incredible memories.

  33. Gilly Harris says:

    Rest in peace Charlie. Thank you for sharing your skill and dedication to The Stones. You made millions happy. 💔

  34. Clare Dougal says:

    One of the greatest glasto moments and gigs ever, so grateful to have been there, RIP Charlie ❤️

  35. Trish Mullin says:

    Waited along time for them to play glasto but when they did I was there

  36. Sara Michelle Hill says:

    We were there near the front 1/4 for hours, it was worth it. They enjoyed it much more than they expected, there was a real joy and oddly humbleness from them. The crowd rapport was bloody fantastic. RIP CW ❤️

  37. Sarah Smart says:

    I’m so glad to have seen them there at Glastonbury.

  38. Judith Hindmarsh says:

    Stones then Mumford and Sons Sunday. You leave great memories for so many Charlie x

  39. Andrew Byrnes says:

    Definitely one of the greatest performances at Glasto I have ever seen! Great memories. RIP Charlie

  40. Christian Jones says:

    Great gig, feel so lucky to have been there. RIP Charlie.

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