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Glastonbury Festival news: For Glastonbury 2022, Glasto Latino is back with a sparkling line-up of late-nig…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

For Glastonbury 2022, Glasto Latino is back with a sparkling line-up of late-night Latin fiestas and daytime dance classes.

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  1. Joe Green says:

    Hayley Goddard maybe we can give a dance lesson a go this year

  2. Michelle Wallbridge says:

    So this is what Nigel is up to at the weekends Kerry Ann May ?! 🤣🕺

  3. Emily Tomlinson says:

    Lyndsay Maidment Jazmine Hanes we can learn salsa! X

  4. Jay Tito Fantastico Whiting says:

    Andrew Povey time for Pablo’s return!

  5. Ian Clyde says:

    Kyle Ravenscroft I reckon Marta Wojtas will have u doing this.

  6. David Graydon says:

    Devon Graydon gonna love the Latino tent 💃🏻🕺🏻

  7. Bryony Mulvay-Horne says:

    Natasha Mulvay-Horne sad we aren’t going this year to get our dance on 😂😂

  8. Ellen Cammack says:

    Stephen we are going salsa dancing 💃🏻 🕺🏻

  9. Chloe Williams says:

    James Ewing being as though we didn’t salsa in Spain we shall be salsa-ing at Glasto! 💃

  10. Samantha Hughes says:

    Steven Blackmore I’ve always wanted to do dance classes 😁! Xx

  11. Dawn Day says:

    Christina, fancy taking a salsa lesson? Xx

  12. Barry Davis says:

    Sharon we’ll have to go to this again 💃 x

  13. Juliet Love says:

    Tony Love we should take a Salsa lesson!

  14. Emma Ludewig says:

    Paul Hurst we can go dancing

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