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Glastonbury Festival news: Check out the incredible Glastonbury 2022 line-up from Glastonbury The Common, a…

Latest update from Glastonbury Festival

Check out the incredible Glastonbury 2022 line-up from Glastonbury The Common, as they provide a place for a wild, mystic and relentless celebration at this year’s Festival.

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  1. Totally Unofficial Glastonbury Survival Guide says:

    Another amazing lineup! Love a bit of DnB!

  2. Melanie Woodbury says:

    Yay that’s should entertain us on Sunday going through the list!! Shangri-la list took us most of the day on Wednesday lol.. some cool artists too! 🙂

  3. Pauline Bronte Jones says:

    Uv paint fight??????

  4. Fizzy Young says:

    Wow I haven’t heard of one single one of these acts. I must be losing touch lmaooo 🤣

  5. Andrea Guadalupi says:

    Niamh Corr some names are really good!!!

  6. Phillip Saunders says:

    Nathaniel Sobhee. I can’t be there this time, but seeing you on that lineup always gives me hope x

  7. Daniel Young says:

    Where’s The Lathums at 🤨

  8. William Kilgour says:

    Great to see Graham Hancock returning for a talk on Saturday afternoon, I’d love to ask him about his thoughts on the Bosnian pyramidal complex and healing tunnels. Great helping build the venue over the years. Good luck this year

  9. Steve Goodall says:

    I’m sooooo old……I know no one on the list! 🤣🤣

  10. Paul Timmis says:

    Some banging times in The Temple

  11. Erin Hanzo says:

    I had to check the comments to find out what type of music it was. No joke.

  12. Carrie Chambers says:

    Ahmed Elayan this will be a good one

  13. Heather Neal says:

    I know nobody. Look forward to checking them out. Best way to discover new music. 🙂

  14. Rowly Smith says:

    Glad that so many have not heard of these acts. I like to think I’m fairly well versed and eclectic in taste. I’m at a loss though with this lineup

  15. Dean Window says:

    It’s not the Pyramid stage for gods sake , why are people banging on about not recognizing any acts ? . It’s one of the more obscure dance / DJ stages on the outskirts . Thinking is sometimes required yeah. ? . 🙄

  16. Joanne Snowdon says:

    Octavia Huppler beat box collective 😍

  17. Amber Cresswell says:

    Omg the best dnb lineup ever, absolutely amazing cannot wait!!!!!

  18. Tim Clarke says:

    *people who don’t go to the common helpfully pointing out that they don’t recognise the acts there*

  19. Conrad Butt says:

    Like most people I don’t recognise many on here, but I love the Common and never remember who I saw there anyway.

  20. Kelly Seaton says:

    Fizzy Young lazy habits are good, they’re a hip hop band but they all play instruments, lovely sound 😍 & look up Hak Baker, he has featured with Rudimental. Phantom is also pretty good & recently been blowing up on the dnb scene with AMC👍🏻 they’re my recommendations 💃🏻

  21. Napolioni Kotobalavu says:

    How do i get intouch with organisers???? Any help would be much appreciated

  22. Tom Crown says:

    Looks like I’ll be spending my 4 days in this area 🔊🔊

  23. Andrew Watson says:

    is it free ?

  24. Mark XTC says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 the Glastonbury Festival 2022 lineups just keep coming 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Kym Matronic-Jones says:

    Some tasty drum n bass!

  26. Lucy Woods says:

    Lauren Spooner taking you to see Micky Finn 😍

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