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Festival of the Dead news: The Rock Orchestra By Candlelight; Bath

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Festival of The Dead


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26 Responses

  1. Andrew Russon says:

    Lliam Warren

  2. Ali Brown says:

    Jessica J Hawkins

  3. Bekki Park says:

    Joel Rees

  4. Rose Clepitt says:

    Ann Mccann

  5. Rosie Riches says:

    Catherine Curson

  6. Holly Marie says:

    Amy Douglas 👀

  7. Cherie Jayne Andrews-Robinson says:

    Sam Farnell

  8. Helen Morton says:

    Laerke Pickering Lærke Pickering Thomasen

  9. April Louise Stiddard says:

    Tom Merchant-Locke

  10. Sian Lewis says:

    Sarahanne Sayis you and Matt fancy this?

  11. Jemma Smart says:

    Lindsay Holloway

  12. Jayne Chappell says:

    Tina Duncan

  13. Jayne Chappell says:

    Alan G Smith Philippa Sharp Vicky Hitchings let’s all go x

  14. Janine Somers says:

    Ella Tovey if it’s seated totally up for this.

  15. Harriet Wood says:

    Where is the venue for this in Bath ?

  16. Lauren Louise Bichard says:

    Gary Connolly

  17. Bekah Bleackley says:

    Paul Bleackley

  18. Summer Sparkles Spencer says:

    Lucy Redknap

  19. Charlie Kirk says:

    Emma Collins emma

  20. Charlie Kirk says:

    Emma Collins emma

  21. Lucia Keaney-Watkins says:

    Claire Lines
    Thomas Vincent

  22. Claire Bailey says:

    Lydia Giles James Giles we’ve just booked – fancy it with the girls? x

  23. Zara Williams says:

    I have registered, but why don’t you release information on ticket cost, if older kids can go etc.
    Because otherwise it cannot be planned for.

  24. Amy Bawden says:

    Lizz Cook Peter Žuffa fancy it?

  25. Emma Louise Traves-Beedham says:

    Kaleigh Shortland

  26. Karl Stanley says:

    Smitty Smith

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