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We cannot put into words how moved we are by this tour. 15,000 of you partied with us this year. We love each and every one of you.

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Festival of The Dead


12 Responses

  1. Nicole Burns says:

    Outstanding show, can’t wait for next years 💀 🖤

  2. Keri Lou says:

    No Manchester????? X

  3. Lizzy Neal says:

    Shame we never got to see the fuel girls in Bournemouth.. was looking forward to that the most.. 😢 but was awesome defiantly go again next year 😁👍

  4. I was at Glasgow & it was just the best night! Will definitely be going again 💀🖤

  5. Kim Mackay says:

    We were at Colchester and had the best night ever! Loved that everyone dressed up too. Looking forward to next year.

  6. Alex Hey says:

    What a fun tour 🤟🏽💀 time for me to go back to the underworld 👹

  7. Debi Ferry says:

    Omg was at the one in Newcastle amazing show will defor go again xxx

  8. Was amazing I was in Belfast best nite out in a longgg time looking forward to next year already ❤️

  9. Fantastic night Brixton see you beautiful people again soon 😘

  10. David Preston we’re definitely going again when they’re back,it was so awesome!!!

  11. We had a ball in Belfast. How about Dublin next year.

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