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Festival news: W.H. Lung prove immersive at Rockaway Beach Festival 2023…

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W.H. Lung prove immersive at Rockaway Beach Festival 2023...

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W.H. Lung prove immersive at Rockaway Beach Festival 2023

Sometimes you watch a band and simply get so immersed in them that you forget to take any notes.

It doesn’t happen often, but it did the W.H. Lung at Rockaway Beach Festival.

So reflecting back what was it all about?

Well tuning into one of their streaming service feeds, turning up the volume, shutting my eyes, and thinking back to a wet Friday night in Bognor Butlins I do recall that I was quite simply drawn into their performance and found myself seeking out the meaning behind the music as they band slipped seamlessly from song to song.

But go figure the meaning in: ‘This could this be the verse, ignominy festers inside of Johan Strauss’ – it’s creative for sure, though its secrets remain hidden from me at least.

Putting words aside, that high register voice of Joe Evans harks to some of the last few decades’ biggest power-pop big-hitters (from The Communards to Mika) – and there is so much pent-up energy being released as the night goes on that it’s impossible not to be drawn in to the frenzy.

It’s definitely something, and you definitely need to experience it.

Photos: Sara Bowrey Photos
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