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Festival news: Scrounge deserve another listen after Rockaway Beach 2023…

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Scrounge deserve another listen after Rockaway Beach 2023...

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Scrounge deserve another listen after Rockaway Beach 2023

As two-piece girl-boy artists go, Scrounge go a long way.

Within a day of posting up a few photos of their gig at Rockaway Beach Festival we had a slew of comments about what a great band they are are how they rank up there with a lot of the more well-known artists on the circuit right now.

Taking the time to listen to some of their tracks on [insert name of your favourite streaming service here] we definitely developed a greater degree of appreciation as the lyrics dropped into earshot and it was possible to extract the thought process from the noise of a live show.

There’s a couple of things here… one, if you are a punter, take the time to listen to a band’s music before you go to see them so you can hold their words in your head rather than trying to pick them out in the maelstrom of a live environment, and two, if you are looking after the sound at a gig, listen to the band’s music first, so you can do your best to replicate the balance they achieve in the studio on a live stage.

Rockaway’s engineer did an 8/10 job, but in today’s world of ‘punk’ artists who centre on clever lyrical content the voice has to dominate and be centre stage…or what’s the point?

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