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Festival news: Billy Nomates has something to say at Rockaway Beach 2023…

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Billy Nomates has something to say at Rockaway Beach 2023...

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Billy Nomates has something to say at Rockaway Beach 2023

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again that Billy Nomates needs some friends on stage.

Chatting to a BBC Introducing DJ after the Rockaway Beach Festival show there was a common agreement that Tor Maries may have the songs and the dance grooves, but she really could do with a couple of accompanying musicians on stage with her to flesh out the show.

In a sense that might fly in the face of her stage-name, but we’d delight in the irony of it, and we’d guess others would too.

What we would insist on though is that if our advice is taken there are strict rules put in place that keep both drums and guitars sotto voce…. In fact we’d go so far as to insist on electronic drums and DI’s guitars so that Tor’s vocals can always be kept as high in the mix as her lyrics deserve.

Her opening introduction as she walks onto the stage tonight is ‘I’m Billy no mates and I’ve really got nothing else to say’ – but actually nothing could be further from the truth.

This is the intelligent and poppier end of the ‘New No Wave’ scene (can we have a poll please about what this damned genre should be called?) that we are such great fans of at the moment, and that makes it a great access-hatch to a whole bunch of excellent artists and artists for people who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

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