Festival Insights NEWS: World First as NFT-Enabled Web3 Festival & Conference Comes to Croatia

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Launched in 2020 as an online conference, BlockDown is returning this May for its first in-person festival in the coastal city of Sibenik in Croatia for the world’s first gamified NFT-enabled festival.

This year, the event will focus on the exploding phenomenon of Web3 — widely seen as the next evolutionary phase of the internet — with a particular focus on the metaverse, NFT’s, Gaming and how DAO’s will play an increasingly large role in our lives: how we work, play and socialize.

Organisers claim that attendees will experience blockchain and web3 like never before, with NFTs functioning as tickets, unlocking array of experiences among the event’s many “realms” — areas of the festival with their own look and feel, whether futuristic and cyberpunk-esque or a mystical “fairy forest”. Dotted around the BlockDown site will be pop-up experiences, performances and art installations to bring…

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