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Festival Insights NEWS: UK Administrations announce Covid Passport plans

The UK’s devolved administrations kept it simple last week by making differing choices on whether vaccine passports would be required for live events.

In England, Government rejected the idea.

In Scotland, Anyone over 18 seeking entry to certain venues and settings will be required to show that they have been fully vaccinated. Initially, the scheme will not permit a negative test result to be offered as an alternative to evidence of vaccination, but this will be kept under review. 

The Scottish Government intends for the scheme to be ready to go live on 1 October 2021 and it will be reviewed every three weeks in line with other Covid regulations.

The list of settings is as follows:

  • nightclubs and analogous venues . (The Scottish Government are working with stakeholders to finalise a definition
  • sexual entertainment venues
  • live events: indoors unseated 500+ in the audience
  • live events: outdoors…

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