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Festival Insights NEWS: UAME Releases Documentary Video of Music Ambassadors Tour in Ukraine

Ukrainian Association of Music Events (UAME) has released a documentary that follows a 5-day journey throughout Ukraine with the representatives of music and culture from Europe, Georgia, and Canada who were invited by the Music Saves UA charity initiative. The project was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Music Events (UAME) as part of its Music Saves UA initiative in partnership with Night Ambassadors.


Among the guests: Michal Kascak (organizer of the largest music festival in Slovakia, Pohoda), Login Kochishki (founder of the largest music festival TAKSIRAT as well as PIN Conference and D Festival in Macedonia), David Lezhava (head of act4culture), Zviad Gelbakhiani (one of the founders of the BASSIANI club and ISKRA festival), Mathieu Grondin (head of the Canadian organization MTL 24/24, which develops Montreal’s nightlife and economy 24/7), and Ilze Jankovska…

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