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Festival Insights NEWS: The Power of Events to Launch Industry Showcase Platform

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The not-for-profit organisation The Power of Events Ltd was set up in June 2022 –
http://www.thepowerofevents.org/ – with the mission to set up a comms platform designed to showcase, value and respect the power of the UK events industry to those outside the industry whose influence might not otherwise be matched by their knowledge of its impact and value.

The platform will be launched on 16th February 2023 from 2pm-4pm with support from Here at Outernet in London, a brand-new live events space. This custom designed blank canvas is crafted to host creative and cultural events from end to end of the live events spectrum. The venue features unparalleled in-house technical equipment, including a 14-metre wide 6k upstage screen and has been designed with the quality of experience in mind.

Over the past 12 months, the core focus for The Power of Events Taskforce has been reaching out to all corners of the industry…

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