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Fruzsina Szep. Pic: Christoph Neumann, http://www.christoph-neumann.com

If you’re given the chance to interview Superbloom Festival Director, Fruzsina Szep, you take it; but you do so in the knowledge that the story of its launch will be the story of a working life’s experience coupled with, in this case, precious childhood memories.

The Superbloom story doesn’t start with Fruzsina’s creative input and development of Sziget, the beginnings come later in our conversation, but her passion for festivals and their content was fostered there. However, 2014 saw an offer from Goodlive and their partners in developing the Lollapalooza brand in Europe, including Festival Republic’s Melvin Benn, to join their team:

“I was in the role for the program director and artistic director at Sziget for seven years. But before that, since 1999, I have been always doing different things at the festival. I was artist host at the…

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