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Festival Insights NEWS: Sociable Distancing at the Tatton Park Pop Up

Promoter and Producer, Rebecca Hartley

While many were seeing socially distanced events as an alternative during Covid restrictions, Saving Grace Events’ Rebecca Hartley saw it as an chance to bring ideas for a new type of festival to fruition, Tatton Park Pop Up, taking what started as a socially distanced pop up to create a sociably distanced, boutique festival.

“I think I organised the first event I remember when I was seven years old, that was a surprise party for my parents” explains Rebecca during our conversation about the beginnings; fast forward a few years and a career in mainly corporate events leads to the 2017 formation of her own event management company, the aforementioned Saving Grace, delivering events and positive outcomes for an impressive roster of clients. March 2020 saw activity grind to a halt like the rest of the events sector; She continues:

“It was a strange time,…

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