Festival Insights NEWS: Six Important Recent Developments in Licensing and the Law

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Andy Grimsey is a Partner at the licensing law firm, Poppleston Allen, and since 2004 has acted on behalf of major breweries, late night operators, restaurant chains, developers, and large independents – including festivals.

Festivals, like many other licensed premises, continue to ride the storm of increasing bureaucracy and legal requirements. Here are a few of the main developments in the last couple of years that may affect you, your staff and customers.


If you have a premises licence or host your event under a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), you may know that the Statutory Guidance to the Licensing Act 2003 was amended in April 2018. Because of concerns from authorities that some TENs users were circumventing the statutory limits on the number of attendees (including staff and performers), namely 499 per TEN, the guidance has been amended to state that where an event is proposed to…

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