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Festival Insights NEWS: Selling Tickets Like It’s 2025

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One of the new wave of companies offering Web 3 based solutions to the festival market is EventsFrame. We asked their head, Pavel Helstyn to outline the advanteges of utilising NFT Ticketing:

How can NFT tickets be used across live sporting events, music festivals, conferences and for selling merchandise? What does this mean for the future of live events? 

We are at a very exciting moment when the industry is discovering the true potential of NFTs. This is going to be a continuous process that will take several years as our society keeps shifting more and more aspects of life into digital. Everything we do at live events now can somehow be transformed into the digital experience. Two key components of NFTs in general are its visual form and a digital contract which is unbreakable. As an event organiser you can be looking at two key aspects of NFT tickets. Adding value to your event goers and/or defending your…

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