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Festival Insights NEWS: SeatlabNFT and Lost Village Give Fans Immersive NFT Festival Experience

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Lost Village became one of the first UK festivals to deploy NFT technology, at scale, for thousands of attendees to experience.

Lost Village and SeatlabNFT partnered to deploy NFT technology at the festival and it was a massive success; SeatlabNFT’s app was downloaded over 4,500 times across iOS and Android devices, enabling thousands of people to get a taste of an NFT festival experience for the first time.

The fast-growing NFT event ticketing startup SeatlabNFT partnered with Lost Village to create a pioneering immersive NFT festival experience, giving attendees a glimpse of what festivals of the future will look like using their next-generation event ticketing technology.

For this year’s festival edition, attendees were invited to join The Lost Society 2022 by claiming an NFT membership card, delivered via the SeatlabNFT mobile app. Lost Society members received access to a mind-blowing,…

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