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Festival Insights NEWS: Politics Of Dance – Unum Festival Expands Albania’s Cultural Offer

Albania probably isn’t on your holiday destination bucket list but Unum, the festival that attracts dance music fans from around the globe, may well be the catalyst for a change in perception, something that the Albanian government are keen to encourage. We met Grego O’Halloran, one of the faces behind the festival to discover how a career promoting in Ibiza led to the chance to put Albania on the music tourism map.

Liverpool-born Grego O’Halloran first visited Ibiza in 1999, and eventually ended up staying. What may have started as a lifestyle choice soon became a choice to build a life there, raising 3 children whilst managing a career in club and party promotion; as others came and went, he stayed for longer, then he stayed permanently, in his own words “I figured it’s better to struggle over here and raise my kids here, then struggle probably in the UK.” Over the years he’s worked for…

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