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Festival Insights NEWS: Over 90% of UK festival-goers feel confident attending a live event this year

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With the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown and ongoing vaccination programme offering hope to millions of people across the nation, an end to restrictions has never felt more tangible.

No doubt this will bring much-needed relief to the live event industry, as more and more events are given the green light to go ahead. But exactly how do UK festival-goers feel about the possibility of returning to events once lockdown is lifted, and what changes – if any – do they expect to see when they do?

Festicket surveyed 140,000 festival-goers from the UK to find out more.

Customer confidence at a high

The survey found that 79% of respondents would feel comfortable attending a live event this summer – between June and August – with that number rising to 90% when events in the final four months of the year were also taken into consideration.

Given those high figures, it is unsurprising that over 82% of fans said that…

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