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Festival Insights NEWS: NTIA & AFEM Report Shows Government Underestimates Value of Club Culture in the UK

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AFEM CEO, Silvia Montello

Nobody in the festival sector can be accused of undervaluing the contribution of Club Culture to the sector, but with recent reports stating that 1 in 3 Nightclubs are at risk of closing in the coming months, the NTIA and AFEM are concerned that the UK faces losing the world-renowned club network, the breeding ground for the artists, DJs, and entrepreneurs which shape this amazing movement.

The pandemic has shown that the Government does not recognise the importance of the sector, and has limited knowledge of its value, particularly its value outside of simple economics, but Electronic Music and Club Culture in the UK also has community and cultural importance as this new report shows.

Dance music shapes our communities and our culture across the UK. Clubs and festivals improve the health, well-being, friendship and happiness of millions, year in year out. They are positive, unifying…

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