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Festival Insights NEWS: Music Live Festival of Music Making Coming this Autumn

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With an eye on the talent pipeline that will supply festival line-ups in the future, November 2023 will see  Birmingham’s NEC play host to Music Live, the one-stop festival for beginner and expert music makers, lovers and enthusiasts.

Taking place over three days between November 3rd and 5th, the event will offer music tech’s latest offerings, the newest brands, exclusive signings, immersive experiences, workshops and some of the biggest names in the industry.

Spanning over three halls, Music Live will see a series of concerts, feature areas hosted by world-renowned podcasters and Friday will kick things off with a national education day, shining a spotlight on key music makers from around the world.

Three of the UK’s leading retailers will offer a range of instruments for visitors to purchase at the event as well as exclusive concert merchandise, band product and clothing from EMP (Warner Bros). A…

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