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Festival Insights NEWS: Mixed-reality music startup Volta Secures £400k Innovate UK Grant

Off the back of a well-received Glastonbury debut (with Bonobo, Jamie Jones, TSHA and more), immersive mixed-reality technology, Volta can now reveal they’ve secured a £400k ($500k) grant from Government-backed Innovate UK

Volta, a technology included as One of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2021, is a self-serve XR creation platform that gives musicians, artists & creators the ability to design and broadcast 3D, experiential content. 

The grant will go towards researching and building audience interaction features that can bring global and local audiences together during live events. The aim is to enable both online and physical audiences to have an impact on the actual experience of a live event in real time, as well as creating a new revenue stream for artists that can deliver a meaningful income and helping artists engage with their fans far beyond emoji overlays and donations….

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