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Festival Insights NEWS: Martyn’s Law, Our Duty To Protect

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Figen Murray isn’t a born campaigner, but she’s a successful campaigner; diminutive in stature, she walks tall, stands firm and fights hard. It’s what any mum would do for their child but tragically, in Figen’s case, it’s all in memory of her son, Martyn who was one of those murdered at the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. At the recent Night Time Summit, NTIA head, Michael Kill, interviewed Figen to learn about the development of the upcoming Protect Duty that requires venues and events to apply counter terror measures, its critics and the response. We were listening to report key extracts.

“My journey started on 22nd May 2017, it was a Monday, a day like any other, I was the mother of 5 children, happily married (I still am), but now I have 4 children who are still alive because one of my sons never came home that night, he died at the Manchester arena. I was working that day as a…

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