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Festival Insights NEWS: Keychange 2023 Cohort to Lead Move Towards Gender Equality

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Recently Keychange, the pioneering international initiative for gender equity in the music industry, welcomed 74 new participants to its 2023 Talent Development Programme.

Bringing together a multitude of different skills and networks through the Keychange Pledge and Talent Development Programme, Keychange offers a unique ecosystem with international collaboration at its heart.

Selected by industry and export specialists as future leaders, the newly announced participants mark the third cohort of artists and music industry professionals from 12 countries across Europe and Canada to take part in a year-long programme. It follows a highly competitive open call that received 830 applications.

Keychange introduces the 74 new participants: 

CANADA: (artists) The Garrys, Desiree Dawson, Liza, Meisha and The Spanks

(Innovators) Roxanne Lemieux, Kingsley Swim, Nancy Lee, Gaby Gauthier-Durand

ESTONIA: (artists) Maris…

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