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Nathaniel Hanna is the Managing Director of Stax Creations. After studying Visual Communication at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, he took his expertise into the third dimension in 2014 by founding Stax Creations. He now works closely with Stax’s Creative Director Chris on conceptualisation and creative design, and leads on technical design and build.

What’s the most important part of a festival? Well there are the performers, obviously. Then there are the facilities and the ticket prices. But there’s something else too: the environment.

More and more festivals are realising that the look and feel of the actual space is right up there in terms of creating the right vibe and getting a buzz going.

When the festival-goers start to arrive, do they think wow or do they think just ten hours to go to the band I came for starts to play.

So how do you create a space that’s so stand-out it will…

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