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Festival Insights NEWS: Harness The Power of Music for Health, Wellbeing and Communities, Says Report.

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Calls for support from the government, the public and music, health and social care sectors to turn its recommendations into action

Music for Dementia and UK Music have joined forces to publish a new report which outlines a blueprint to use music to help improve the nation’s health and wellbeing. The report also spells out the support needed from a variety of sectors to ensure its recommendations come to fruition.

The Power of Music report, which officially launched today (Wednesday April 20) at Universal Music UK, has been created to amplify – to government, business and the general public – how music can be used to improve the lives of those dealing with illnesses such as dementia, depression, and other debilitating conditions. At a time when health and social care services remain under intense pressure, it demonstrates how the use of music can support staff, create financial savings and help to…

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