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Festival Insights NEWS: Grass Roots Music Fund Launched

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A fund to support artists, venues and production companies hit by Coronavirus cancellations launched 31/03/2020, inviting music fans and related companies to support the grass roots music community decimated by the shutdown.

The Grass Roots Music Fund is appealing for donations from fans and larger companies to support people whose income has been devasted by the rapid shutdown of all public gatherings. The fund will be there for artists, venues and related production crews whose income would have been derived from ticket sales for gigs up to 500 capacity that have been cancelled from March to May due to Covid-19.

To donate visit www.gigseekr.com/donate.

The impetus behind the fundraiser is David Hamilton, founder of Gigseekr states:

“We’re acutely aware of how many shows have been cancelled and that the smaller elements of the industry are really suffering, so our concept is simply to support them through…

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