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Festival Insights NEWS: Festivalgoers Reveal Attitudes Towards Drug Testing; Consumption Habits

Photo credit: Yvette de Wit

CGA has conducted research into festivalgoers’ drug consumption habits and attitudes towards harm reduction initiatives, such as those run by The Loop.

The findings come from two separate surveys undertaken by the business intelligence consultancy in 2018: a bespoke piece for The Loop in May, and the UK Festival Census in October. Both of the online questionnaires were completed by panels of UK Festival Awards voters, with the former receiving 1098 responses and the latter garnering 6673. The majority of those within the samples were middle-aged, white, and in full-time employment, with a nearly equal split between class distinctions and gender.

Broadly speaking, 74% of festivalgoers reacted positively to the notion of onsite drug testing. Of those who admitted to have previously taken illicit drugs at festivals, 86% supported the concept and 3% opposed it. Amongst abstainers, the…

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