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LooseFest should have been a simple tale of brand extension, had it not been for a few curve balls pitched along the way. But, with a dedicated team, loyal fans and support from a forward-thinking city, the curve is on an upward trajectory. We spoke with the ultra-positive Dean Saunders about the partnerships that are developing a landmark festival for the North East.

Where did the LooseFest story begin?

“I guess we go back to 2012, that’s when the first weekly event that we started, Loose Days; LooseFest is obviously a product of of Loose Days; we’ve done the club events for11 years on July 1st. We’ve run club events in multiple cities; we do Newcastle, Leeds, we’ve just launched Durham and we hope to do one more soon. We also did a Loose Crawl, the bar crawl and Loose FresherBands.

“We’d always said that the dream was to do LooseFest; I think we first [mentioned it]’and the reason I remember this is I did the word search on…

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