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Festival Insights NEWS: Demystifying the Misconceptions Surrounding Solar-Powered Events

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Andrew Teverson, Managing Director of The Stage Bus, on the misconceptions surrounding solar power – and how you can measure the power consumption of your event.

Every single mobile stage in the Stage Bus fleet is 100% solar powered – but I don’t always tell people that straight away.

You might think that, in 2022, shouting about your sustainability credentials as loud as you possibly can is a no-brainer. But I’ve found people sometimes still have misconceptions about solar power, and what can be achieved with it. It’s for that reason that I don’t always lead with solar: I don’t want The Stage Bus to be ‘the green choice’ for event entertainment, I want us to be the best choice for event entertainment full stop, which just so happens to be better for the environment.

Power consumption is a huge factor in measuring the sustainability of any event. Is your event powered by generators? What kind…

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