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Festival Insights NEWS: Climate EQ Launches Carbon Literacy Course for Music Sector.

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You’d obviously have to have had your head down an oil well to not get the message that we’re on the verge of climate catastrophe and urgent action is needed. Sure, there are deniers and some post-festival shots in the papers may leave you wondering if we’re trying to save the planet for our children or from them. Aside from waste, carbon is the key to halting the rise in energy levels that are driving ever more severe weather events, but what that means may escape some, leading to misguided actions and inefficient solutions. What we all need is a healthy dose of Carbon Literacy.

At least that’s the assertion of James Dove, a grassroots musician and active environmentalist, who was keen to explore ways in which music could be used to promote environmental action. To that end, he developed CarbonEQ.

When we spoke to James he explained that, after being inspired on a course at the Centre for…

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