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Festival Insights NEWS: Brand New ‘Global Touring’ Festival to Launch in Brazil in 2023

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The Ethernyum Project will hold a FESTIVAL MILLENNIUM, one of the biggest music events ever produced in Brazil, with an innovative, thematic, and scenographic concept inspired by the old and new millennium.

As has been publicly announced, Norberto Ribeiro da Silva, President of the Ethernyum Project, clarifies that:

We have been developing the Ethernyum Project for almost 10 years. We started the development of the project in January 2011 and now the dream will come true, just when we will come out of the pandemic, with artists and audience in a spectacular reunion of music and love“.

Norberto believes that this will promote the music and arts industry, strengthening the means to encourage the return of the music market with full force!

The Millennium Festival will be held in its own Arena called Genesis, located on a fabulous 3,664,200 m2 farm, acquired exclusively for the mega event, and across 8…

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