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Festival Insights NEWS: Bluewater Merges With Flowater, Creating Global Powerhouse In Drinking Water Purification

With a shared mission of eliminating plastic waste and providing safe, ultra-purified and great-tasting drinking water, Stockholm-based Bluewater and Denver, Colorado-based FloWater today announced their merger in a move that will transform the water industry worldwide. The two corporations say the merger will help accelerate innovation of new drinking water purification products, drive expansion into new markets, and achieve economies of scale in manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies in a post-Covid world.Bluewater was founded in 2013 By Swedish environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri on the sale of his previous indoor air purification corporation, Blueair, to consumer goods giant Unilever. Today, Bluewater has grown into a global innovator of market leader water purification solutions such as its powerhouse PRO purifier pictured below for homes, businesses and public vending with sales across Europe,…

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