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Festival Insights NEWS: All Access Anonymous Ignites Verified Network For Music Promoters

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The founders of soon-to-be-launched All Access Anonymous are claiming that they will bring new transparency, funding, and structure to independent promoters, whom they believe to be the true creators of the experience economy.

All Access Anonymous (AAA) is creating an open and fair decentralized network to connect
credible and verified promoters directly with others in the verified network including other
creators, fans, artists, agents, venues, marketing agencies, production companies, and more,
interweaving all the aspects of live events into a carefully vetted and verified network of
passionate people working toward the same goal. Through the power of fandom and DeFi, AAA
disperses potential financial risk from the creator while offering fans unique opportunities to
curate their live experiences. Fans are granted access to unique collectibles (NFTs), early
access to tickets, VIP events and meet-and-greets, and…

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