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… in a town, isolated for a long time, has been converted today into the wealth of forgotten treasures. Legendary songs, Ora’s stories, fairies hair that live in the spirit of the wind, which dances on top of the mountains, then sitting on people’s minds, part of this great hearted place. It’s Theth the place where Zâ-Fest comes into life.Its idea raised out of the people of this mountain village and of the founder and artistic director of this event, Vlashent Sata. And this year for the second time we have climb up to Rozafa’s Castle in Shkodra.

Zâ Festival interlace music with legends, stories and old tales, discovering the magical nature of the Albanian Alps and the cultural heritage.

Main artists of the 5th edition :

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra,
Gjon’s Tears,
Josif Gjipali,
Gentian Doda – Was Bleibt Kollectiv,
Arben Bajraktaraj,
Ekland Hasa,
Dina & Mel,
Oda Haliti,
Altin Prenga,
Vlashent Sata

Organisers Iceberg Communication


Dop Elvis Dako
Drone Xhafer Xeka
Camera Ervin Cala, Elion Xeka
Cran Flogert Kullolli
Editing Erion Kadriu

Lighting Tekliz Çela


Live Sound Engineer Elton Pelari
Monitoring Engineer Erjon Lapi
Audio post-production Leonardo Sojli

Artistic Director Vlashent Sata

Vlashent Sata © Production

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