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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: T-Pain Performs Unreleased Jay Z “Death of Autotune” Response Song At Wiscansin Festival

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T-Pain’s Road to Wiscansin Tour culminated in the inaugural Wiscansin Fest at the Rave’s Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconson on Saturday (June 11).

One of the highlights of the night came from the Nappy Boy boss himself, who performed his unreleased “Death of Auto-Tune” remix that he recorded years ago in response to JAY-Z’s famous 2009 critique of the voice-altering technology popularized by himself.

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Script: Andy Bustard
Voiceover: Ayeeedubb
Video Edit: Alex Vasallo
Video Manager: Jeremy Hecht
Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian

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28 Responses

  1. Mark Michael says:

    Legend. Well deserved.

  2. MegaAhhhhhhh says:

    Where’s “wiscansin” ???

  3. Lil Wayne's DOA is the best of em all

  4. well deserved ..day

  5. M3D1NA says:

    I’ve had the privilege to see T-Pain twice out here in Cali. At two different radio/concert events and I must say “He absolutely killed it”! Probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. He definitely gets the crowd involved in his shows. Salute🫡 my dude.

  6. Kevin Davis says:

    Wayne own slapped harder

  7. Johnny Jones says:

    …is it me or is the narrator pronouncing Wisconsin wrong?

  8. Ion know about made it popular but they really need to start giving my man's his roses

  9. Lord Borus says:

    lol mad late. Let me hear this tho 😂

  10. Congratulations sir I don’t know what to say about the autotune situation

  11. chris bills says:


  12. You dropped the response 13 years later ?!

  13. T Pain🔥💯🐐 00s legend,pain is a visionary 💯

  14. Chase P says:

    This wasn’t a good idea teddy

  15. Your Name says:

    It's wild that Pain didn't get his flowers early… He is basically the one that paved the way for Ty $ to flourish. Meaning his best assets aren't his rap or singing… His songwriting and production has been been top tier..

  16. Can’t find it. Please help?

  17. The God says:

    Tpain is so funny and talented…

  18. SorceLord says:

    I’ll take Pain over Jay anyday

  19. Pmcjay says:

    I’m ashamed of Milwaukee … this niqqa said wiscansin and got his own day and ain’t did shxt for the city … who bum axx clout chasing axx idea was this

  20. Osas says:

    Milwaukee Mayor mad real and lit

  21. Dmercy says:

    Jay's song is awesome but very sad at the same time given how this track affected T-Pain's career. I feel extremely bad for T-Pain given how his career was affected by the backlash he got over his use of the auto tune and it's sad because Jay himself said this track wasn't intended to diss T-Pain but for rappers who used the tool to try to sound like Pain. But unlike these rappers, T-Pain is super talented and he can actually sing great without it and what's even more sad is that this song has a lot of truth especially during this new generation of hip-hop. Nowadays we hear wack and untalented mumble rappers using the machine. I use to not have a problem with auto tune but now it's so overused. Even Pain himself isn't happy about it. This song didn't kill auto tune but it was right about it. I didn't like the way it affected Pain but when it comes to the message it's one of Jay-Z's best songs and predicted how wack hip-hop is nowadays. Pain's response track is pretty dope and catchy. Respect to Pain.

  22. Queen B says:

    Jay Z paid him not to release it 😂

  23. B A S U says:

    Good call to keep it on the low…🤣

  24. cowan khowa says:

    I wonder why the hip hop game just host a freestyle tournament with all the hip hop legends and see who takes the Crown

  25. Isaiah Adams says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised that T-Pain did a diss record towards Jay-Z, even though Jay’s “DOA” wasn’t aimed directly towards Pain. Cause people need to respect him not only as an artist but also as a person too

  26. Nes Coney says:

    "It's best not to bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you, tpain I'm glad that your advisors did forewarn you"

  27. cpressley57 says:

    Salute to Teddy Pain for all the hits. People really did try and hop on his wave.

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