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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Avalon OZORA Festival 2017 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Avalon OZORA Festival 2017 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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🔈 🎧 Avalon OZORA 2017 Highlights
Video by Pawel Wieloch Photography – Follow him here:

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Avalon has grown massively from his UK underground roots into one of the leading and most in-demand artists in the Psy-Trance scene today, and continues to break new ground in the electronic dance arena. After a decade of consistently topping the charts he has been among the top headliners at most major psychedelic trance events around the globe. In the studio he has worked with Tristan, Vini Vici, Astrix, Symbolic, Burn In Noise, Waio, Ace Ventura, Cosmosis and many more.

His pioneering style has garnered high acclaim over the last decade and has seen him earning ten Psy-Trance number 1 hit’s on Beatport and three number 1 selling albums.

Avalon’s collaboration projects have also garnered mass appeal having produced two albums with Dj Tristan under the project name ‘Killerwatts’ and one album with Sonic Species under his progressive alias ‘Future Frequency’.

Avalon’s non-stop world wide touring has seen him playing at the biggest events, including Glastonbury, Ozora, Boom, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Tribe, Dreamstate USA, Exit festival, Sunburn, Ultra, Rainbow Serpent, Enchanted Valley Carnival, A state of trance, Symbiosis, Atmosphere, Ministry of Sound, Time and Space, Gatecrasher, Universo Parallelo, Xxxperience, BAT, Antaris, Freedom, Origin, and the list goes on.

Avalon Live set @ozora 2017 : https://soundcloud.com/avalon/avalon-live-at-ozora-festival-2017-2hr-opening-set
Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/pg/avaleon/
Soundcloud link : https://soundcloud.com/avalon

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  1. Wish it’s some sort of a religion or a cult. I would be rhe the first to step in it

  2. mara mare says:

    its beautifol pleis ai wish tu bi dere❤👍👍👍

  3. Аууу које кидање !!!

  4. Ozora the best🌞🌈☀️

  5. Que puedo decir que tengo unas ganas locas de pegarme otro Festival que musicon

  6. ceco8136 says:

    lost generation

  7. izani rahman says:

    love from kelantan,malaysia 👽❤

  8. Sissy Pants says:

    2:48 that bitch be culturally appropriating.

  9. Example of true trance, ty avalon

  10. ascherluigi says:

    only super orgasmic girls!!!

  11. Earthsgard81 says:

    looks incredible… my kind a place…

  12. Respect from Canada ❤😄😎

  13. Powerful Sounds
    Love the Beat ❤😄😎

  14. Fantastic Music Video
    PSYTrance. Music Rules ❤😄😎

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  16. Austin D says:

    What are these Festivals exactly and what do you do there ?

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  19. Bình thường ngó ngó Chứ gà làm trò về phía mình mất cả tự nhiên

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  21. Evaese says:

    Ultra cute @ 5.40

  22. ismael colin says:

    Todo México unidos hagamos un voto masivo para morena y AMLO PRESIDENTE de México 2018-2024

  23. Lyall Hazard says:

    Where can I buy this or download it ?

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