FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: 🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest 2022: Grand Final | Voting Simulation (Youtube Jury + YOUR Votes)

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Eurovision 2022 artists/Songs:
🇦🇱 Albania: Ronela – Sekret
🇦🇲 Armenia:
🇦🇺 Australia:
🇦🇹 Austria:
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan:
🇧🇪 Belgium: Jérémie Makiese
🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project – Intention
🇭🇷 Croatia:
🇨🇾 Cyprus:
🇨🇿 Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights Off
🇩🇰 Denmark:
🇪🇪 Estonia:
🇫🇮 Finland:
🇫🇷 France:
🇬🇪 Georgia: Circus Mircus
🇩🇪 Germany:
🇬🇷 Greece: Amanda Tenfjord
🇮🇸 Iceland:
🇮🇪 Ireland:
🇮🇱 Israel:
🇮🇹 Italy:
🇱🇻 Latvia:
🇱🇹 Lithuania:
🇲🇹 Malta:
🇲🇩 Moldova:
🇲🇪 Montenegro: Vladana Vucinic
🇳🇱 Netherlands: S10
🇲🇰 North Macedonia:
🇳🇴 Norway:
🇵🇱 Poland:
🇵🇹 Portugal:
🇷🇴 Romania:
🇷🇺 Russia:
🇸🇲 San Marino:
🇷🇸 Serbia:
🇸🇮 Slovenia:
🇪🇸 Spain:
🇸🇪 Sweden:
🇨🇭 Switzerland:
🇺🇦 Ukraine:
🇬🇧 United Kingdom:

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47 Responses

  1. ESC Silver says:

    For anyone wondering, the semi finals happened through my community posts, and these were the acts that qualified for the Grand Final!

    Also, today Luna Ki withdrew from Benidorm Fest, and as I already had this video done I had no other choice other than to post this voting simulation still with her.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the video:)

  2. l--__--l says:

    chanel will prove y'all wrong

  3. I wonder if actual scoreboard design will be that creative. Good work!

  4. Tanxugueiras a eurovision

  5. Me alegra mucho que la mayoría piense como yo y crean en terra .Es una gran opción , en directo son alucinantes ya lo veréis.

  6. Leo Potato says:


  7. lisganbo G. says:

    If Terra 🌱wins will be a miracle because of the campaign from conservative media against the song.

  8. Ok so im super sad because Aida and olaia from tanxugeiras have covid so i dont know what they are going to do but i want terra to eurovision and im getting crazyyyy

  9. soul vision says:

    terra, secreto de agua or Slo Mo should win

  10. ESC Doni says:

    I really love the design used here – so freshy and competitive! Well done 🙏
    Good results! Let's hype Benidorm this week 🎉 (hopefully with no more dramas)

  11. Off topic: when will we get the Irish song for Eurovision 2022?

  12. Tanxugueiras veñen pra quedar

  13. Rigoberta tiene que ganar !

  14. The fact that Rigoberta is in the final but not Azucar Moreno baffles me, not to mention that Rigoberta gets in the top 5

  15. l--__--l says:

    chanel is my favourite😭😭

  16. Terra!! 😍🔥💪

  17. Sol says:

    Terra for Eurovision 🇪🇸❤️

  18. Tanxugueiras alert winner Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  19. I thought Tanxugueiras would represent Spain for Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  20. I hope Spain will win Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  21. Tanxugueiras is the best option for Spain to win Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  22. Spain deserves to win Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  23. Mi top 5:
    1. Culpa 💯
    2. Secreto de agua ❤️
    3. Terra (this is my winner 🙏) 🇪🇺🇪🇦⚪🔵
    4. Voy a morir (I don't care Luna's not going to participate) 🎸
    5. Ay mamá 😍

  24. ESC Can says:

    bro, this is the best scoreboard design i ever saw. when i started to watch it, i was literally speechless. also thanks for me having me as one of the juries 💙💙💙

  25. ESC Samuel says:

    im third voting feeling important

  26. Matt says:

    Will you make voting simulation with Krajowe Eliminacje when we will have all songs?

  27. Vincent says:

    My top 4 being the bottom 4 yes… Javiera is criminally underrated and Rigoberta is sooooo overrated

  28. deserved winner but how rigoberta ended up 4th? 😳

  29. MarkGames says:

    My top 3:

    2) Xeinn
    3) Rigoberta

  30. bim bam BOOM says:

    ok my top 3 before the show😎
    1. ay mama
    2. terra
    3. secreto de aguar

  31. ESC Quicxer says:

    Thank you for having me there! ❤❤❤

  32. Tanxugueiras should represent Spain for Eurovision Song Contest 2022

  33. peas says:


    12. terra

    10. mejores

    8. raffaella

    7. secreto de agua

    6. quien lo diria

    5. postureo

    4. ay mama

    3. calle de la lloreria

    2. sigues en mi mente

    1. ECO



    make you say

    voy a morir

  34. Our girls are with covid

  35. Sr. Ten says:

    1. Tanxugueiras
    2. Blanca Paloma
    3. The rest

  36. Okay but I stan this design!! Silver serves quality <3

  37. dram says:

    my full benidorm top (including luna)

    12p terra
    10p eco
    8p secreto de agua (i overplayed this)
    7p sigues en mi mente (idc what yall say this is great)
    6p mejores
    5p voy a morir (she will be missed ngl)
    4p quién lo diría
    3p postureo
    2p raffaela
    1p make you say

    11th culpa
    12th calle de la llorería
    13th ay mama (oops)
    14th slomo (not for me)

    i have the probable winner second last which is a bit awkward but i’m happy the spanish eurofans will get to send an entry they enjoy

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