Ruckus at Vault Festival – a true treat for the senses

We’re ashamed to say we only stumbled on Vault Festival because it looked like the best bet in town for St Patrick’s Day.

And with the always-exhuberant NECK headlining the 17 March night of this extended festival (hosted by ‘The Irish Mob’) we were bang on as far as that decision went. The team behind these immersive shenanigans need yet another round of applause…

Hitting the main stage with their usual ferocious passion, the ‘County Holloway‘-based sextet showed just why they deserved the huge introduction and the rapturous welcome they received.

With a Celtic roar that starts deep down in the folk traditions of the emerald isle and ends in the punk ethos of Joe Strummer and his contemporaries, NECK delivered the body punch that Vault needed to send it reeling into Sunday morning.

But Vault Festival is so much more than a one night stand with a delicious slice of psycho-celidh mayhem.

So in 2019 why not join us as we explore the rest of what this multi-arts festival has to offer…

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