The Croydonist presents ‘Cro Cro Land’ – a brand new multi-stage South London indie music festival coming to the centre of Croydon on 6 April 2019

by John Bownas
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The Cro Cro Land mission is to bring guitar bands back to the birth place of punk, and celebrate the area’s rich musical history. The festival will bring together a handpicked line-up of the best in indie and alternative music by both established and up-and-coming bands.

With gender equality at the heart of everything it does, festival goers can not only expect a balanced bill, but also a crew where women are fairly represented. First names announced include: 

Blood Red Shoes: An alternative rock duo from Brighton, consisting of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, their 5th album Get Tragic is out in January 2019.

The Lovely Eggs: The Lovely Eggs are an underground surreal-psych punk rock duo from northern England, known for their ferocious yet joyous live performances. The duo are one of the most exciting, innovative and genuine bands on the British underground music scene. Nova Twins: Amy Love and Georgia South from South East London have been taking the underground scene by storm with their hard rocking sound – named the ‘Nova Sound’ which has gnarly vocals with a hard bass driven centre.

Bang Bang Romeo: Fronted by vocal powerhouse Anastasia Walker and featuring Ross Cameron (guitars) and Richard Gartland (drums), Bang Bang Romeo are a propelling force for female-fronted bands in a male dominated industry, and a strong and open voice for the LGBT community. Other names added to the line-up today include up & coming London band

Moses, the super sonic power chord punk mash up of Blondie vs. Pixies – 

Bugeye, and bridging the gap between frenetic garage rock, moody blues and Indie – BERRIES. 
On 6 April, Croydon’s cool and creative new event hub, Urban Xchange, part of Lansdowne Hotel, will host the festival in three of its spaces.

The venue is a stone’s throw from East Croydon Station, one of the busiest transport hubs in the UK (10 mins from London Bridge, 15 mins from London Victoria, 15 mins from Gatwick, 30 mins from Brighton). 

Town Square is the main stage at Cro Cro Land which will enjoy a bill headed up by some exciting established artists from the UK and beyond. Concrete Playground is the more intimate stage for all the hottest new talent which will be taken over by The Zine UK. The Tram Stop is a zone for DJs, and a place to chill out.

Croydon already lays claim to being number one on the music map, according to research commissioned by Deezer and Pringles, as the place for new music talent, with the most streamed artists coming from this area.

But Croydon is currently lacking serious music venue outlets for these artists to play on home turf.

Angela Martin, co-founder of Croydonist & Cro Cro Land says: ‘Cro Cro Land is the start of a new wave of music events in Croydon celebrating its awesome music history. We wanted to create an event that is affordable and brings together an epic line-up of bands, grass roots promoters and DJs from across the UK that form part of a really important music movement. Many grass roots venues are closing and so it’s important that we all pull together to not only put on shows for established bands, but help break new talent too. Cro Cro Land hopes to do just that.’ 

Croydon has a rich musical history – alumni include; Ray Davies, David Bowie, Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols manager), Jamie Reed (artist/creator of all Sex Pistols art work), The Damned, Peter Grant (Manager of Led Zeppelin), Stormzy, Nadia Rose. 

The famous Greyhound Club used to be on every band’s tour schedule including names such as The Cure, The Velvet Underground, and the Buzzcocks. The Croydonist are on a mission to reclaim Croydon’s indie crown.

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