Skinny Lister and Buster Shuffle, Live: photos

You can take the band out of Hastings, but you can’t take Hastings out of the band.

And Skinny Lister are no exception – taking no prisoners as they set The Garage in Islington on fire last night with a set that would have seen them stamp all over both sides at the Battle of Hastings…

With a cavalcade of friends joining them on stage they proved just exactly why it is they are some of the hottest property on the festival circuit right now.

Next time they are playing at a festival you’re at make sure you grab a front-row space…

Oh yes – and if you love your ska mixed with a little honky-tonk ‘madness’ with Chas ‘n’ Dave influences… then Buster Shuffle are the band for you!

Photos by Sara Bowrey

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