PLAYLIST: Hastings Fat Tuesday 2019

We're looking forward to this one BIG TIME - Hastings Fat Tuesday has been ranked amongst the best Mardi Gras (that's French for Fat Tuesday...) events in the world - and it's right here in the UK.


Hastings Fat Tuesday dates and times

Check this growing playlist of who you can see playing over the five-day festival... and it's all FREE...


40 Shillings on the Drum - Beggars on the Street

Alibi - Space, Man

Animal Noise - Baddow

ARXX - Moments at a Time

Beans On Toast - The War on War

Bev Lee Harling - Private Life of a Puppet

The Brass Funkeys - Rather Be

BRUCH - Ley Lines

Chantelle Duncan - Holding onto Ghosts

China Bears - Meet Me in London

Currls - April Fool

Elephant Radio - Say Nothing

Fond Of Rudy - Say Something

Foundlings - Horizon

Glen Matlock - Won't Put the Brakes on Me

King Size Slim - May We Find

Matilda's Scoundrels - Crowley's Curse

Lazybones - Crazy

Leyden Jars - Rain over Overath

Lil Nath - My Name

Luke Lorenz - Until It's Light

Luke White - U.N.I

Luvia - Love Lust

NaMo - Roses Are Red

People In Museums - I Speak With My Eyes, You Speak With Your Mind

Brian Hodgson - TARDIS

Daze Prism, Sabrina Gunston - Lose Control

Sam Calver - Midnight - Acoustic

Sister Suzie - Knock Knock

Sisteray - Wannabes

Someone Anyone - Peach

twiddy, Son of Cabe - Let Go

Suncharmer - You've Struck Gold

Sydney Rutherford - Toxic Love

The Equatorial Group - Lights Shine

The Great Malarkey - Buckets of Blood

The Kiffs - Strange

The Mystic Shed - Sofa Man

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Trevor Moss, Hannah-Lou - Cheap Wine

two - Angels

Will Varley - Seize the Night

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