Neverworld 2019 – Kid Kapichi, worth the entry price alone…

by John Bownas
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The Neverword booking team have always been tuned to the popular zeitgeist… we remember seeing bands like Clean Bandit playing smalll tents back in the days of Leefest – and look where they are now.

So whoever had the foresight to book Kid Kapichi clearly comes from that same future-gazing stable of star-spotters, and should be applauded for their prescience.

Despite the gas mark 10 temperatures and humidity levels that would have steamed a pudding in the little tent at the bottom of the site, Kid Kapichi pulled what was undoubtedly the biggest crowd of the day away from the main stage, and their short but impassioned set underlined exactly why pretty much every radio DJ worth their salt is marking these guys as the ones to watch.

Mark our words, you will DEFINITELY be seeing Kid Kapichi flying high on the line-ups of some pretty big festival stages next year – so bookers take note, buy them now before you can’t afford them.

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